ASIMCO Tianjin - Safe Production Month

2016-07-14 16:35:00
Summary : ASIMCO Tianjin - Safe Production Month Activities
To implement the national safe production policy of "Safety first, Priorize precaution, Integrate control", to establish an atmosphere of "Safety management, everyone is responsible", to fully fulfill to safe production responsible rules, to continue the improving of safe production management system and management measurement, to promote the safe production level, ASIMCO Tianjin held a campaign of "Safe Production Month" at June. We have detailed activity planning, based on the theme of "Strengthen safety infrastructures, push safe developing", improved the campaign motive, responsibility motive, responsibility confirmation and standard management of our staff, and improved the site management and emergency responsive skills, which will help the company to a smooth and rapid development. This campaign is divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Cultural Propaganda, Establish the Atmosphere

Phase 2: "Safety in My Heart" Essay Contest with Prizes

Phase 3: Safety Knowledges Q&A

Phase 4: Safety Knowledege Contest

Though these activities recently, the safe production of our staff has been improved and strengthened the safe production motives and ensured a solid base of the deploying of the safe production management works.